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Your Role - No Sales Involved!

Our business model calls for lead generation through displays at various prominent locations e.g. shopping centres, shows, clubs and special events etc. Our highly trained sales team will then engage with these leads in order to bring it to a successful conclusion (make a sale).

The agents we are looking for are required to make their caravan available for display at the required locations.

The space is booked, arranged, and paid for by the head office. Your role is simply to transport and display your caravan at the location on the dates arranged. 
A fully automated kiosk with cameras is installed inside the caravan (at our cost), giving our sales team access to whoever enters the vans. Their role is to engage with these potential clients.
In addition to this, our system collects leads through various promotional concepts that are well placed around the vans. These leads are then contacted by our sales staff. You will also be paid for all the unique leads that you collect. Be it a small amount per lead, it still helps with the day to day expenses that you may incur.
You are naturally rewarded every time we make a sale from a lead generated by your display. No sales experience required — we make the sales for you!

Totally Verifiable

You have access to all your collected leads and you will be advised every time a sale is made. In addition to this, we will grant you access to our online portal which displays when a sale has been made. You are also encouraged to check and verify as you also have a copy of all the leads generated by your display.
You can promote in your nearby vicinity, or if you’re travelling around the country, bookings can be made to suit your route.
It is the perfect concept for semi-retired individuals who enjoy meeting people and are looking for ways to supplement their income.

No Restriction On Territory

This is a truly unique business opportunity, as you will not be restricted to promoting in one area. Naturally, you are encouraged to display and promote in areas that are convenient to you, a concept that is especially suited to those seeking to explore this great country, and yes, earn extra income while roaming!
You will be rewarded for any sales we end up making to the leads you collect, while you will also be rewarded for every individual lead you generate.

Don't Own a Goldstar Caravan?

Our way of composite construction, with robust aluminium frame and cabinetry that is made from real lightweight timber core (not plywood or MDF), separates our caravans from most others. Explaining and showcasing this difference to potential clients is what wins us business, so in order for you to gain sales it is expected that you will be displaying a Goldstar caravan.

You have many options for acquiring a Goldstar, either through purchasing or trading for a used Goldstar caravan privately, or alternatively, if you wish to speed up the process we offer favourable trade ins and discounts if you choose to purchase new from us.

To see more or discuss possible work, let's talk.. 
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