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Interested in learning more about our business opportunities? Read below!

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Goldstar RV is growing, and we are looking at expanding

The Company   

We manufacture world class vans, and specialise in factory-direct sales to the public. A large portion of our sales are achieved through online selling (which keeps the price down) rather than the traditional display yard.

Our advantages compared to others:

  • Robust construction methods with aluminium frames and composite panels - both tough and lightweight

  • Unbeatable price advantage (when comparing apples to apples)

  • Stock ready for immediate delivery

  • Up to 5-year warranty (extended warranty option available). 

  • Sample units on display in many locations Australia wide, making it easy for potential clients to inspect, evaluate and make an informed decision.

  • In house finance option with access to over 30 lenders, sure to offer our clients a repayment plan to suit their needs.

The Business Opportunity

We are looking at building on the already tried and tested concepts that we have developed over the past 5 years.

Rather than setting up display yards and dealing with all the expenses associated with them, or selling through existing dealers (we have many knocking on our door), we prefer to partner with go-getter agents who are seeking additional income while doing something they enjoy. It is envisaged that they will be well compensated for the time they invest in establishing their business.

In a nutshell, an agent will need to commit to acquiring a Goldstar caravan— we have no objection if you purchase privately a used one, or alternatively we can offer heavily discounted brand new units. From here they will take their Goldstar caravan to display at our many affiliated locations, in order to let the public inspect our product and generate some leads along the way. Yes, it's really that simple! View 'More Information' to find out more.

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